Monday, October 25, 2010


Adorable chipmunks have found Spiritwind, and have made their home among the forest. With all the oak trees, they have an abundance of acorns to stash for winter! Come check out these furry little friends. Three different chippys, each $100L (copiable). Their high pitched chatter can be turned off by touch so you can keep your sanity. Hehehe

Also, stop by the new little graveyard. This quaint, quiet little scene is the perfect little cemetery for those dearly departed. It comes complete with a working fence, path, grass, grave mounds, headstones, crosses, angel statuary, an old fountain (water on/off by touch), two trees, and lots of viney shrubs to decorate the outside. Not scary, just overgrown and not very well tended through the years. The complete set is only $500L.

Over by the cave, there are some spooky looking trees, big, dark, and mossy, complete with a spider web to add to your Halloween scene. Just be careful of the Big Azz Spider! If you get caught in that web, you might be someone's dinner! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Officially Open!

Now that Petals on the Wind has migrated over to SpiritWind, things are moving right along. I am so pleased to have the extra room to spread out, and even though it's only a homestead sim, it challenges me to landscape with lovely low prim items that I can offer to SL residents.

From October 15 - November 10 come on over to SpiritWind for a scavenger hunt! Just a fun little storewide hunt I've arranged that gives everyone the opportunity to score some wonderful deals, win great prizes, and have some fun exploring Petals on the Wind! Details are at the landing point.

For details on NEW items, click here.

Check out the Grid-wide Hunts page to see what hunts Petals on the Wind is participating in.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NEW Location for Petals on the Wind! October 1, 2010

I have been busily working away, preparing SpiritWind as the new home of Petals on the Wind Home Boutique & Garden. It will officially be open October 1. (Until then, the shop in the sky at Firewinds will still be open.)

Petals on the Wind offers unique & beautiful landscaping & garden ideas, shabby chic vintage home furnishings, charming prefabs and detailed water features. Newly relocated on SpiritWind, you'll experience a whole sim of rolling grassy fields, forest, funky cottages and seasonal items. Don't forget to explore the cave with it's eye opening flora & mysterious fauna.

I have some fun planned and special sales and gifts, which will be taking place mid-October. To get the scoop first, join my subscription group (Joiners are at the landing point and throughout SpiritWind).

Come on over and see what's new at Petals on the Wind!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, it's official...I stink at bloggin! Sigh...what to do? I've got so many things going at once, it just seems like there's never enough time to stop, sit & write about it. But, OK. Got a little breather in between fires...I've just sent out a group message introducing 3 new items to use in your garden!

First up is a gorgeous set of trees, called Sweet Summer Blossom Trees. There are four different trees, each are different in size and shape, and color. They are available in two models, one has gently falling blossoms, the other does not. Both are copy/mod and both have a carpet of blossoms. I do not like skimpy stagnant trees, so they are full and flexible. You will love them! $650L for the falling blossoms tree, $600 for the tree with just the carpet.

Do you love hydrangeas? They are so beautiful and full of color! And so many varieties! I have 8 different hydrangeas for sale, as 2-prim bushes. I like to use a sculpted branch or trunk, in combination with the single prim sculpt to make a more realistic bush.

Come and see which are your favorites! They are $200L each, mod/copy.

Mountain Lupine are a lovely wildflower that grows everywhere in the Pacific Northwest where I'm from. This set of three 1-prim groupings are color changeable by touch in blue, yellow and pink. These are boxed together, for $350L (trans only). If you want a mod/copy set, just IM me in world for a price.

I am in the process of reconstructing the main store location a little bit, (already?) to make room for more buildings coming very soon. Keep an eye out for some good sales and special offers coming to you by way of the subscriber group.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Home Garden & Patio Expo

Coming in April is the Home, Garden & Patio Expo (April 10 - 18) that benefits Relay For Life of SecondLife and the American Cancer Society. This will be an awesome Expo, spanning 6 sims and showcasing some of SL's most creative builders. I am delighted to be included, and am working my finners to the bone getting stuff ready! I was lucky enough to get a double sized lot, so I will have lots of room to show off my wares! Hope you'll all come by and explore, get some great decorating ideas, and a free gift or two! Here's the official blog: Home, Garden & Patio Expo

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let the Blogging Begin...

I finally did it! I opened a shop in SL...Petals on the Wind Home Boutique & Garden. I could not have done it without my very dear friend, PrincePhoenix Geraln, aka Simon encouraging me for well over a year, and more recently, PrincessRaven Constantine aka Sarah. They are the best friends any one could ever ask for! I am so blessed to have them in my second life. I also consider them real life friends, although we've never met face to face.

I am starting this blog, because of my desire to be in the forefront with my business. And because Blogging is apparently THE thing to do, so I'll try anything once. I start this right smack dab in the middle of an extremely busy time for me, as I prepare for 5 grid-wide hunts in April, and the Home Garden & Patio Expo, also in April. I will try to keep this blog current, sneaking in a post here and there while winding down from a creative blast.